Into The Now!

Into The Now

As I was getting close to the end of this great adventure I submitted 3 release addresses ……. All that were denied. No state would accept me into their state! You want separation? Here you go! The Universe has a funny sense of humor. (not necessarily in a ha ha kind of way!) I was labelled as “Homeless” and sent to Washington, DC for six months of halfway house! I must have really made someone mad! I was distraught, to say the least. I Googled “Hope Village” and found anything but HOPE! First hand reports were even more unsettling, but I had no choice in the matter. I knew the Universe did not bring me this far only to allow me to die in the streets of Southeast DC! There was something here for me. I came to find out that Washington, DC has a truly visionary Mayor and Council who eagerly state, “We are your public servants. How can we best serve you?” Seriously! I heard it myself and about fell out of my chair! In the past 6 months they have proven themselves to be committed to that statement and the people. The Mayor’ s Office for Returning Citizens Affairs (MORCA) operates to assist those people newly released from prison, thus Returning Citizens rather than convicts. the label itself serves to re-humanize you. They have a computer lab and a ton of programs to train and educate the returning citizen to assist in thetransition back into the community in a way that dramatically increases the odds of success. I found myself involved in one such program called Aspire to Entrepreneurship that assists you to launch your own business. The program consists of 40 hours per week of class which includes technical information and training on how to start and successfully operate a business as well as a great deal of networking with local businesses, banks, lending institutions and government agencies. They truly want to help!

The Universe has placed me in the heart of it all; In the heart of the Beast, if you will, and has been telling me for some time now that there are things that I must do here. The courts have determined that I must stay here for the next 12 months. The Universe has surrounded me with a team of experts that are committed to assisting me to make this shift and provide me with the proper connections. Many of these people have been in my shoes before and know what is necessary to make this work. I have followed the trail of bread crumbs the Universe has laid before me into the belly of the beast and have created the tools necessary to build a community of people focused on co-creating a new reality for all Americans.

Today I find myself surrounded by experts from business and government alike who are teaching me how to successfully change the system from within the system. (What a novel concept!) I am not only learning how to better communicate with our government but that they are willing to listen when properly presented. I have a team of experts who put me in front of the Mayor’s council, the Office of the Attorney General, SBA as well as other government agencies and businesses to speak. I am rapidly gaining a reputation for offering truth where others stick to the party line! And, I am being heard!

Focus on the Problem and more of the Problem you will get!

Buckminster Fuller said “You can never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” Whatever we fight against we attract to ourselves!

A brief search of the internet resulted in no less than 18 activism and advocasy sites that focus on the problem. Sites where anyone can showcase their cause(s) and present their research and hard evidence. God knows there is plenty of evidence available to support the idea that someone is waging war on the peoples and nations of the world.

Focused on the Solution

I have built, a political activism and advocacy platform unlike any other advocasy and activism site available today. At we place our focus on the solution rather than the problem!

We can change the system from within! It is our reflection, is it not?  I believe that we have started down a path to the return of the 10th Amendment with increased state’s rights and that we can make considerable change on a local level. And in that we shall create a better reflection on a national level as well.

As an American National we have that right!

We have been bound by codes and statutes that were written by others! Have you ever asked yourself “Who writes these things?” “Just let me write a few and we will see some real change around here!” Not a bad idea! I am glad that you thought of that! As an American National we have that right!

NOW is the time for us to begin to really co-create a new reality for ourselves. The system allows for the people to write and promote their own initiatives. To raise awareness and support to get them placed on the ballet and voted into law! We don’t have to change the system to do this. It already exists!

At you can write and post your own original initiatives, promote those initiatives, collect signatures, provide updates, raise funds for promotional use as well as post and promote your events and meetings. Everything we need to build a community with the intent of focusing our energy on co-creating a new reality for ourselves from within. You will be able to search the various initiaitves by city and state and keep informed as to their progress.

Let us take the issue of fluoride and chlorine in our water supply for example. This is a local issue that must be taken up in your local community. What if there were 100, or 200 local communities that all file an initiative to remove the fluoride and chlorine and begin using oxygen to purify the water providing us with a ‘Living Water.’ What if these several communities came together to promote their initiatives via social media and the internet. Our collective energy could return exponential results at a dramatically reduced cost. Social media is so powerful today and takes no more than the collective efforts of the masses.

Someone is waging war on the peoples and nations of the world! The Catholic Bible describes the Beast as:

“An entity that has taken its political power to such an extreme as to supplant its lord.”   


For decades we have been focused on the symptoms and failed to identfy the disease. During my 42 month sabatical I followed the bread crumbs laid out before and was able to identify the cause for the wars against humanity. At The-National-Voice we identify the Beast and choose to stop hacking at the branches and begin to chop at the root of the issue.

I have created, a petition platform operated under the direction of a notary public to petition the government for redress of grievances as well as for collecting signatures and measuring support for local initiatives. All signatures are confirmed and all results certified and delivered to the recipient under notarial seal. A first in the industry!


And what if we could put some real pressure on our elected officials at the same time? Say, with an effective method to petition the government for redress of grievances, charging sheets, etc. We have learned not to force our officials into a corner without providing them with a graceful exit strategy. The above would provide them that exit strategy that allows them to save face.

And all of that absolutely free!

You may be wondering how I am support myself and the site(s) if everything is free. There will be advertising on the site offering products we all use every day as well as products and services that I cannot offer yet are necessary for promoting our causes. The advertising revenue will support the site. I will be developing additional products and services, possibly some eBooks that will be made available.   I am also on a fast track to paid public speaking studying under the great Bill Walsh where I will be able to promote the causes we are developing together while getting paid.

I invite you to invest in Changing America


Commit to Being the Change You Seek in the World!


I invite you all to visit the sites and join us in co-creating a new realty for ourselves.