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The Divine Province

Greetings & Welcome!

The Past 48 Months

A Journey Within

Greetings. It has been 48 months since we last talked. If you remember back, the Divine Province got involved in the bankruptcy of the City of Detroit. We challenged the Federal Reserve Banks and the stranglehold they have on the America people. We offered a bold plan to emerge from bankruptcy. Under the plan the creditors would have received 100% of that due them. The plan would have salvaged 100% of the pension funds, the city’s art collection and would have provided millions of dollars for city re-development.

I was immediately arrested, labelled a Domestic Terrorist. The misdemeanor charges were magically converted to felony “Conspiracy” charges and I was extradited to South Carolina. At the bond hearing I was charged with CONTEMPT and sentenced to 30 days for having the audacity to speak on my own behalf.

Rob was dragged into the case and extradited to South Carolina where we filed document after document. The charges were eventually dropped against me and the federal government picked up the charges. I was extradited to Alexandria, Virginia. I was denied bond, was afforded 4 hours per week in the law library and provided a stand by attorney to do the filings for me.

I had some interesting conversations with Mr. Stand By Attorney and another ‘well respected attorney.’ Their responses to my insistence that the ‘laws’ and ‘case law’ supported my arguments was, “You are absolutely correct, but, that is not how we operate.” I would counter with, “But the law says such and such.” And they would respond, “Yes, but we operate like this.” They repeatedly stated that my research was absolutely correct, but, it did not matter as that was not the way the courts operated.

I had three (3) federal courts who agreed that I had the authority to issue the Ids and one judge that stated that the driver permits were absolutely valid, but, the court refused to allow me to enter any evidence that might even suggest that I had the authority to issue them or that they were valid. We offered three pages of case law that states that no driver permit is required at all but the judge instructed the jury to disregard the case law.

So, ultimately, I was found ‘guilty’ on all charges, sentenced to 42 months in prison and labelled a ‘Domestic Terrorist.’

I spent the next 42 months in meditation and research. I went within to find answers. For decades we have pointed our fingers and stated if they would just do this, or that, we would be fine! We had forgotten that ‘they’ are no more than our reflection! To bring about real change we must go within and seek out that which is out of balance. As we sweep away the dust and dirt within we begin to reflect a whole new reality for ourselves.

I realized that for years I had worked to separate myself from the ‘system’ saying if they would simply leave me alone, or if they would just do this or that, then I would be fine. I worked very hard to further the separation while preaching the new world of unity and acceptance. Hmmmmmmm  What’s wrong with that picture? We cannot obtain unity through separation no more than we can achieve peace through war and violence. War begets war and separation begets separation!

Then there was the question: “If you wanted to separate yourself from the system then why did you get involved in the City of Detroit? If I wanted the system to leave me alone why did I not leave it alone?” Hmmmmmmmm

Into The Now!

As I was getting close to the end of this great adventure I submitted 3 release addresses ……. All that were denied. No state would accept me into their state! You want separation? Here you go! The Universe has a funny sense of humor. (not necessarily in a ha ha kind of way!) I was labelled as “Homeless” and sent to Washington, DC for six months of halfway house! I must have really made someone mad! I was distraught, to say the least. I Googled “Hope Village” and found anything but HOPE! First hand reports were even more unsettling, but I had no choice in the matter. I knew the Universe did not bring me this far only to allow me to die in the streets of Southeast DC! There was something here for me. I came to find out that Washington, DC has a truly visionary Mayor and Council who eagerly state, “We are your public servants. How can we best serve you?” Seriously! I heard it myself and about fell out of my chair! In the past 6 months they have proven themselves to be committed to that statement and the people. The Mayor’ s Office for Returning Citizens Affairs (MORCA) operates to assist those people newly released from prison, thus Returning Citizens rather than convicts. the label itself serves to re-humanize you. They have a computer lab and a ton of programs to train and educate the returning citizen to assist in thetransition back into the community in a way that dramatically increases the odds of success. I found myself involved in one such program called Aspire to Entrepreneurship that assists you to launch your own business. The program consists of 40 hours per week of class which includes technical information and training on how to start and successfully operate a business as well as a great deal of networking with local businesses, banks, lending institutions and government agencies. They truly want to help!

The Universe has placed me in the heart of it all; In the heart of the Beast, if you will, and has been telling me for some time now that there are things that I must do here. The courts have determined that I must stay here for the next 12 months. The Universe has surrounded me with a team of experts that are committed to assisting me to make this shift and provide me with the proper connections. Many of these people have been in my shoes before and know what is necessary to make this work. I have followed the trail of bread crumbs the Universe has laid before me into the belly of the beast and have created the tools necessary to build a community of people focused on co-creating a new reality for all Americans.

When I was arrested I took down and barried it out of the reach of the PTB. When the time was right I dug it all up to find that all of your personal data and PD docs were in fact intact and secure!

With the help of dj, one of our DP Members that many of you may remember, we resurrected and after cutting out the dead wood we changed the nameand then updated and expanded every aspect of it. Today we have an awesome virtual machine to serve the Beneficial Owners in original jurisdiction. That means you!

A New Home – A New Mission

The Seal of Saint Peter

I had received the Seal of Saint Peter from Pope Benedict XVI but there was still a cloud on the right of ownership, so I spent a great deal of time and energy perfecting title on the Seal. I gave the Vatican several opportunities to dispute my claim of ownership of the seal and chose to remain silent, thereby establishing in fact via a binding contract. Ownership of the Seal of Saint Peter was no longer reviewable by any court in the world. The facts had been established.

As Keeper of the Seal of Saint Peter I became the present successor Party to the private contract Treaty, The Holy Alliance 1213 that stands as the legal title to the kingdom to this day.  Being a private contract only Parties to the contract and/or their successors may dispute the contract which I did. I Pope Francis on his breach of fiduciary duty to administrate the divine estate for the best and highest of the Beneficial Owners in original jurisdiction, man. Over the past 4 years I have been diligent in perfecting the conveyance of the Holy Alliance 1213, the legal title to the divine estate, from the Vatican to One Global Estate Trust where it resides today.

The Chair of Saint Peter Foundation has been established as the Trustee over the estate. The Foundation will consist of a multi level council structure and have oversight duties as we move forward.

The Holy Alliance 1213

Beneficial Owners in Original Jurisdiction

As Trustees over the Divine Estate and holder of the legal title thereof The Chair of Saint Peter Foundation has the authority and duty to identify those men and women who hold a beneficial interest in the estate. They do not have a duty to seek out the Beneficial owners but to Certify those men and women who are Beneficial Owners upon request.

The Chair of Saint Peter Foundation will issue a Certificate of Beneficial Owner as well as certified and authenticated Proof of Identity documents. We will not only teach you how to properly file your suit for recovery of the property but we will create the documents and file them for you in the Article III District Court for the District of Columbia. We expect to be able to file these suits ex parte and with no material facts still in dispute leaving the court with nothing but their duty to issue the decrees.

Trust me when I say that you will want and need these exclusive documents only available at!

One Global Estate is a private contract association, a membership for the beneficiaries in original jurisdiction to gather as we co-create of a new relity for ourselves.

As members of One Global Estate you gain access to Legal Registry, a private document repository to serve your document publication and document creation needs. Legal Registry can create, publish, email, etc. your Tesimonials, Acceptance and Acknowledgement of your status as benefical owner and friend of the world of commerce and issue, certify and authenticate your documents.

We offer you educational documents and explain our true history and facts that got us here and, more importantly, that will get out out of this mess in which we find ourselves. We have a complete history on the Federal court system and show you where the Article III courts are today.

I have done extensive research for nearly 20 years and have read the research of hundreds of the best, most advanced researchers in America and beyond. As a whole we have tried hundreds of processes in an attempt to obtain a remedy and free ourselves from the chains that bind us. Although we have come a very long ways we have yet to reach our goal.

For years I have blazed my own trail refusing to follow down any rabbit hole that was being travelled without success. I have read 1000’s of research papers with an open mind believing that each and every one held a nugget of gold that I could harvest and apply in my own research.

Today, we know that our chains are forged in the Trading With The Enemy Act (TWEA). We also believe that our remedy is laid out in TWEA in a very specific way telling us where and how to file our claim and how and where to file a Suit for Recovery of the property if necessary. Our experience has proven to use that we must, whenever possible, remove all discretion from the court leaving them with nothing but their mandatory duty to perform.

We now believe we have such a process where we can remover absolutely all discretion from the court while leaving them with their mandatory duty to issue the ordered and decrees that set us free from the chains that bind us as well as facilitate the redemption and return of the property back to source.

We have developed documents and processes in the past that have become main stream as effective tools for establishing the facts. We have also developed, or better said, resurrected, processes of old that can be equally effective in our quest for a new world.

The Chair of St. Peter Foundation in conjunction with One Global Estate and Legal Registry, have developed a process complete with all necessary documents that remove all discretion and ambiguity while solving the issues that naturally arise when dealing with private documents in a public venue. We have developed a complete process that includes the creation and publication of documentary evidence to support your claim to the property. We are implementing a process to carry out discovery in the form of an Inquest of Office by notary public that results in a judgment that removes all ambiguity as concerns the facts of your claim.

WE can serve your claim on the Custodian as required and prepare and file your suit for recovery, i equity, in the Article III court here in Washington, DC as required in TWEA.

The initial lifetime membership is only one ounce of silver which you can mail to us or you can Paypal $20 to Legal Registry LLC who will convert your payment to silver for you. Looking at other sites around One Global Estate is a bargain and we are extremely concerned about providing you value. We offer products and services no one else does or can. The Chair of Saint Peter Foundation is the only entity who can issue you a Certificate of Beneficial Owner!

A real issue we all face in this movement is how to speak to our family and friends about what is going on in the world. We have created a wonderful tool for your use in WE discuss the creation of ‘money,’ the use of our good faith and credit, the TDA accounts and what being a beneficial owner means for you in short video and/or Power Point presentations. Take a look for yourself.