The Divine Province

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“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”┬áBuckminster Fuller

The Seal of Saint Peter

A New Home – A New Mission!

I had received the Seal of Saint Peter from Pope Benedict XVI but there was still a cloud on the right of ownership, so I spent a great deal of time and energy perfecting title on the Seal. I gave the Vatican several opportunities to dispute my claim of ownership of the seal and chose to remain silent, thereby establishing in fact via a binding contract. Ownership of the Seal of Saint Peter was no longer reviewable by any court in the world. The facts had been established.

As Keeper of the Seal of Saint Peter I became the present successor Party to the private contract Treaty, The Holy Alliance 1213 that stands as the legal title to the kingdom to this day.  Being a private contract only Parties to the contract and/or their successors may dispute the contract which I did. I Pope Francis on his breach of fiduciary duty to administrate the divine estate for the best and highest of the Beneficial Owners in original jurisdiction, man. Over the past 4 years I have been diligent in perfecting the conveyance of the Holy Alliance 1213, the legal title to the divine estate, from the Vatican to One Global Estate Trust where it resides today.

The Chair of Saint Peter Foundation has been established as the Trustee over the estate. The Foundation will consist of a multi level council structure and have oversight duties as we move forward.

The Holy Alliance 1213

Beneficial Owners in Original Jurisdiction

As Trustees over the Divine Estate and holder of the legal title thereof The Chair of Saint Peter Foundation has the authority and duty to identify those men and women who hold a beneficial interest in the estate. They do not have a duty to seek out the Beneficial owners but to Certify those men and women who are Beneficial Owners upon request.

The Chair of Saint Peter Foundation will issue a Certificate of Beneficial Owner!

Trust me when I say that you will want and need these exclusive documents only available at!

Exciting News!

We have found that there is a complete remedy for all of us WITHIN the system!

The Trading With The Enemy Act contains every last detail for how to correct your status and gain access to your private funds! The Custodian of the Alien Property has been DIRECTED to pay us all interest for the use of our Good Faith & Credit and provides all of the details as to how to claim those funds.

At One Global Estate we provide you all the tools necessary to educate yourself on those details. We will create all of the required documents for you if you like and instruct you as to how and where to file your claim. We provide you all the necessary documents and instructions on where and how to file your Suit in Equity to obtain a Decree establishing your right, title and interest in the property AND Ordering the Treasury to release the funds to you!

We have filed our Notice of Claim and filed the first Suit in Equity in the District Court of the District of Columbia and are preparing to file additional suits in other district courts across America paving the way for all One Global Estate members.

This is the most exciting research I have seen in over 20 years! The remedy is 100% based in their codes and statutes and provides us 100% of the remedy we have been seeking for decades!

Visit us today at for more details!

A real issue we all face in this movement is how to speak to our family and friends about what is going on in the world. We have created a wonderful tool for your use in WE discuss the creation of ‘money,’ the use of our good faith and credit, the TDA accounts and what being a beneficial owner means for you in short video and/or Power Point presentations. Take a look for yourself.

Lately we have seen and heard reports of governments and bankers staking a claim to America and declaring their intentions to take our country through international foreclosure or worse. One can no longer sit back and assume these are mere saber rattling and fear peddling antics of the powers that be. They could be actual notice of intent to levy or foreclose on our country! That is how the powers that be operate. Is it not? They put it right in our face and we fail to see it until it is too late.

The reality is that America belongs to the people and no legal fiction bank or government has a higher claim than we, but our claim has no force or effect if we do not express it and publish it to the world. We must stake our claim for the world to see and hear. We must give our notice of claim to our country and not sit idle and allow their notices to go unanswered.

The people hold the highest claim for we are the beneficiaries to the original grant where God granted dominion over all things. Every man, woman and child have a beneficial right to an undivided portion of the whole of earth. We hold the same right, title and interest in the divine estate as the true owner, the Divine Creator.

Visit us at to stake your claim to America as one of the Beneficial Owners in priginal jurisdiction!